GTA Vice City Basic Tips and Tricks

Need Money:
Whenever you need money you can do one of the following things
1. Go to a crowd, use nuttertools and kill them. You will find some bucks on the floor
2. Go to a shop and point a gun towards the owner and don’t shoot him. He will give you money and then will duck.

After these ways please put the code leavemealone if you don’t want the police to get you.

This technique is really cool!! First, take a PCG 600 bike(Sanchez will also work) and go near the big stairway in downtown that you can use to jump over the road and onto the roof of Ammu-Nations. Have a good run-up and use it to jump at full speed! It gets a bit in slow motion, so when you are halfway across press escape. Then type the cheat ‘big bang’ 10-20 times(I typed 50 times once, honestly!) and then resume the game. You will die, but you will remain on the bike and you’ll be sent way, way, above vice city! The view is awesome!!! If you wanna watch it again, just press F1 and you’ll get a replay. When you are very high up, move the mouse for better viewing.

Another trick:-
Do the same thing, right until you are again halfway through the jump. Press enter to get off(in mid-air!) and wait a second. Then press escapes and again type big bang 10-20 times. The force of the explosion will send you rocketing many buildings awwaaaaay!!

This may not help you in the actual game, but it’s fun anyway!!!

How to complete last mission
Completing the last mission is quite easy.
In the beginning, you are on the stairs of Vercetti Mansion and thugs are swarming in all directions. They go to your vaults and steal all of your money.
You may want to protect your money and kill the goons but don’t. COMPLETELY IGNORE THEM!!!!! Let them steal your money. Your main objective is to kill Lance. And even if you kill all the thugs, they will keep coming back, so it’s no use.

Lance will be on the second floor. Go after him. He will run for the roof. Follow him and try to kill him on the way. If you can’t go to the roof. If you need health or body armor, pause the game and type ASPIRINE and PRECIOUS PROTECTION. Be careful while you go on the roof, as they as waiting to ambush you. Kill lance using the Sniper Gun, Machine Gun or the Bazooka. After you kill him go down. You will see Sonny with two armed thugs. Kill the three of them and the last stage is complete.

Drive with Gang.
Once you have completed the rob out[kill Diaz]mission and gotten all protection assets you can make your gang drive with you by typing the ‘hop in a girl’ cheat then your men will enter the car and drop them off enter the car twice

Get Money by Police
Do some crime to get a four-star wanted level. After a few seconds, you can see the police helicopter. Go to a safe place that you can see the helicopter. Keep shooting it with a minigun. It will burst into pieces. By this process, you can get 250 or300 dollars. Type laevemealone to escape from the police.